Our Work in Philippines




300,000 sq km

Latest Achievements

163,474 trees planted

13 Project Sites Established,

Several workshops and trainings held in schools and colleges on agroforestry and effects of climate change

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Trees for the Future’s project in the Philippines is in the Zambales province. This is one of the main provinces affected deeply by the Mt. Pinatobu eruption in 1991. Deforestation is occurring as more people attempt to make a living selling agricultural products. The hillsides are denuded by people cutting trees for firewood and buildings, and slash-and-burn farming is the generally accepted practice. The lands cannot support the crops without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These wash into rivers and eventually the seas, killing the reef systems through coral bleaching.

What We've Done

We provide seeds to farmers and train them on a variety of agroforestry and livestock management techniques. For example, we teach how to integrate different species of plants in farms, reducing the need for chemical pesticides, and how to make organic fertilizers rather than buying chemical ones. We have also incorporated multipurpose, fast-growing (MPFG) trees to hold soils on barren hillsides. MPFG trees also create a sustainable source of firewood. Many new fruit and vegetable species that are rare in the Phillippines have been introduced, bringing farmers a premium at local markets. Trees for the Future increased the number of trees planted in 2011 to 164,474 seedlings, despite weather that included back-to-back typhoons followed by six months of drought. We hired people to protect seedlings in the ground from wildfires, and to water those in the nurseries. Severe floods have led to an influx of new volunteers concerned about deforestation. Many volunteers have attended training and information sessions, and have lent a hand in creating new nurseries and outplanting.

List of Partnering Organizations



TREES-DENR NGP Mamla Watershed Rehabilitation Project

APCSS – Luzano Agro-Forest Demo Farm

Tanaman Foundation



RMTU Wood-Fuel Project Site

TREES-UNDP MT. Pinatubo Ancestral Domain Project

CAWAG Tribal Association

Marnit’s Orchard Farm

Bukid Natin



Bangantalinga Elementary School

Iba central Elementary School

Paitan Elementary School

Taugtog I Elementary School

Taugtog II Elementary School

Paudpod Elementary School

San Juan Elementary School

Baquilan I Elementary School

Baquilan II Elementary School

Carael Elementary School

Batonlapoc Elementary School

Loobbunga I Elementary School

Loobbunga II Elementary School

Loobbunga III Elementary School

Mambog Elementary School

Dampay Elementary School

San Vicente Elementary School

Cauyan Elementary School

Mangahan Elementary School

Dapla Elementary School

Anonang Elementary School

Lyceum of Western Luzon

Lupang Pangako Elementary School

Don Luis Orin College of Criminology