Our Work in Tanzania




364,945 square miles

Latest Achievements

1.3 million seeds distributed
6 workshops on tree planting and environmental conservation

Latest News

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Some 3,500 square kilometers of forested land are lost in Tanzania every year. Deforestation on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro has allowed hot air from the Serengeti Plain to reach the summit, accelerating the melting of its glaciers. Overgrazing causes desertification in Northern and Central Tanzania. Tree planting projects focus on pine, eucalyptus, and fruit trees, so there is need for agroforestry and fuel wood tree planting projects.

What We've Done

We work with a diverse group of partner organizations whose objectives include fuel for women, alternative energy, and providing tree seedlings to as many communities as possible. Trees for the Future has distributed 700,000 seeds through 26 such partnering organizations in 10 regions, and another 600,000 tree seeds directly to farmers. Six workshops have been facilitated by the Tanzania staff, highlighting the importance and benefits of tree planting and environmental conservation.

List of Partnering Organizations

A number of our partnering organizations, such as Floresta in Moshi Rural District, Bioland Trust in Same District, Mufindi Environmental Trust in Mufindi District, and Makambako Environmental Conservation Group in Njombe District, are committed to tree planting, agroforestry, and environmental conservation. Partners include:
Bioland Trust
Imiliwaha Convent
Maasai Pastoralists Development Organization
Machame Ward Project
Makambako Environmental Conservation Group
Mufindi Environmental Trust
Ngara Jatropha Foundation
Peramiho Seminary
Roots and Shoots
Sustainable Harvest
Trees for Tanzania