Our Work in India




2,973,193 sq km

Latest Achievements

95,000 trees planted in 2012,

4 nurseries developed

38 farming families benefitted with the support of over 200 NSS (National Service Scheme) volunteers

Latest News

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Trees for the Future completed a tree planting project in Anantpur District of Andhra Pradesh where farmers were struggling from harsh droughts. In 2012 Trees for the Future implemented a new project in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, area of the Western Ghats. The strong program response from farmers, students, and academicians, has motivated us to expand the scope of our tree planting and sustainable development efforts there.

What We've Done

Western Ghats:

The Western Ghats is home to several rural and tribal communities and spans across six states from Maharashtra in the northwest to Kerala down south. The Western Ghats is also the world’s top ten biodiversity hotspot and in need of preservation due to uncontrolled mining, logging and other environmental issues. Trees for the Future's project in the Western Ghats is working with village and rural communities in the Maharashtra region and training them in agroforestry techniques. Since May 2012, we have planted 95,000 trees in the region and developed four nurseries. Our work involves planting native species of cultural and economic value to the communities and improving their access to fuelwood and forest products. In the process we are rehabilitating degraded lands caused by mining, construction, and deforestation.

List of Partnering Organizations

Arts, Commerce and Science College, Lanja, Ratnagiri

National Service Scheme, Lanja College

Ratnagiri Krishi Prakriya Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit, A/P Gavhane, Tal; Lanja

Cashew Hills, Ecotourism Center

Lanja Poultry Society, Lanja

Nanij HighSchool, Nanij, Tal : Lanja, Dist: Ratnagiri

Harit Mitra Parivar, Pune

Salape Village Panchayat, Salape

Majal Village Panchayat, Majal

Kantye Village Panchayat, Kantye