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92,099 square miles

Latest Achievements

24 field training workshops for schools and farmer groups
737,342 trees planted through 66 community groups and 68 school projects

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Ghana’s rich natural resources have gained it twice the per capita output of other countries in West Africa. Yet 79% of the people still live on less than $2 a day, and mismanagement of resources threatens their future. Subsistence farming accounts for half of annual GDP and employs 85% of the population. Ghana's rainforest has been cut in half over the past 50 years by logging, farming, gold mining, overgrazing, and brush fires. In the north, the Sahel encroaches on deforested lands. Soil erosion is rampant, crop yields are decreasing, and overall agriculture productivity is threatened. Despite its natural resources, the country remains dependent on international financial and technical assistance.

What We've Done

In partnership with the Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture (KITA), we teach farmers throughout Ghana about sustainable land-use practices that can bring them economic benefit while improving the environment. We focus on the north, where the Sahel is expanding. Farmers plant multi-use trees such as Leucaena leucocephala (lead tree) and Calliandra calothyrsus (calliandra) to provide sustainable sources of fuel and animal fodder and to replenish degraded soils. Other species, such as Moringa oleifera (“miracle tree”), with its highly nutritious leaves, help families overcome malnutrition. We’re increasing our focus on creating additional livelihoods on agroforestry farms such as snails and grasscutters, which can feed off the leaves of agroforestry species and add nutritious protein to the family diet.

List of Partnering Organizations

Trees for the Future last year trained Peace Corps volunteers in Ghana. We’re also creating an agroforestry curriculum for KITA to train future graduates as agroforestry extension agents. These graduates will lead future efforts to restore productivity to degraded land.

Other partners include:
Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture
Permaculture Network Ghana
Heifer International
Friends of the Earth Ghana
Peace Corps Ghana
Rural Care Network
Darsfield Earthcare and Farm-Tech foundation - Darsfoundation
Nsawam and Wli - Hohoe
Research Action for Sustainable Development - RASUD
Hohoe / Jordan-nu
Environmental Development youth Movement
EDYM Village - Kpando
Trees for Africa Ghana
Divine Tender Care Foundation
Bolga Sherigu
Action for Green Life
HATOF Foundation