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183,569 square miles

Latest Achievements

2 million trees planted through 171 farm cooperatives
Agroforestry Center created (Liebialem)

Latest News

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Most Cameroonians live in or around the country's 22 million hectares of forest and depend on the forest for their livelihoods. The country has moved away from industrial logging, which destroyed about 80% of its forests, but much remains to be done. Substantial biodiversity and habitat for native plants and animals have been lost, in addition to the harm done to humans. In the Western Highlands, 15 of the 50 unique bird species face extinction. Endangered primates such as chimpanzee, drill (a primate related to baboons) and gorilla also live in the forested highlands.

What We've Done

Our efforts focus on the Western Highlands, where we help farmers develop sustainable land-use practices. Farmers now plant trees to improve the soil and crop yields and to protect the land from further erosion. Trees have enabled many farmers to develop new sources of income, selling fruit, raising livestock, and producing honey. Over 2,000 people benefit from the program, which is expanding into the surrounding communities.  We have also supported the work of a U.S. graduate student to study the agroforestry adoption preferences between northern Cameroonians and Chadian refugees displaced in northern Cameroon so that we can use agroforestry as a means increasing community between the two populations.

List of Partnering Organizations

Trees for the Future recently established a formal partnership with the U.S. Peace Corps. It partners with Cameroon’s Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife on a tree planting program in the Mt. Bamboutos watershed. The program helps farmers use of sound agroforestry techniques that can replace chemical fertilizers. Other partners include:

Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF)
Association of Women in Development (ASWEEDEV), Lebialem Division
Catholic Seminary Training Center Nkongsamba, Moungo Division
Center for Rural Development and Agroforestry (CIRDAF), Boyo Division
Centre for Agroforestry Development in Cameroon (CAFDEC), Meme Division
COOPEBA, Agroforestry farmers network, Bamboutos Division
Dynamic Action Group (DAG), Fako Division
Environmental Initiatives in Cameroon (EMNICAM), Ngoketunjia Division
Food and Rural Development Foundation (FORUDEF), Manyu Division
Haut Nkam Agroforestry farmers Network (RAGAF), Haut Nkam Division
Lebialem Agroforestry Farmers Network, Lebialem Division
Menoua Agroforestry Farmers Network, Menoua Division
National Development Foundation Cameroon (NDEF Cameroon), Menchum Division
Ndian Agroforestry farmers Network, Ndian Division
Regional Centre for Community Development (RECODEV), Kupe, Muanenguba Division
Society for Initiatives in Base Development Foundation (SIBADEF), Mezam Division
Society for Initiatives in Rural Development and Environmental Protection (SIRDEP), Donga-Mantung & Momo Divisions
Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV)
Alou Council, Lebialem Division
Menji Council, Lebialem Division