Long Distance Training Program

Thank you for your interest in our Agroforestry Long Distance Training Program.   The program provides basic information in agroforestry techniques and prepares a participant to start their own agroforestry project in their community.

The Manual 

•   To participate in the program you will need to read our Agroforestry Training Manual and then take an exam.

•  Depending on your location, we will help connect you to one of our field staff to provide guidance on your project as well as a source of seeds to get your project started.

•  To begin the program, start by downloading a copy of our training manual and read through the information provided at your own pace.

•  Topics that are covered include, but are not limited to:  sustainable land management, agroforestry technologies, major agroforestry species, seed pretreatment, collection and storage, sapling protection, and nursery establishment and maintenance.

•  Please contact our training coordinator (training@treesftf.org) if you require a printed manual sent to you in the mail.  If you live within the United States and would like a printed copy mailed to you, we request that you purchase a copy from lulu.com 

The Exam

•  When you have finished reading through the manual and are ready to take the exam, please contact the training coordinator (training@treesftf.org) to receive a password to access the exam here: Take our online test

•  After completing the exam, you will be notified if you have passed or failed. If you pass (score of at least 85%), you will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to receive technical assistance from us. If you fail the exam, you are allowed to take it again, up to 3 times.


We look forward to working with you on your agroforestry project!