2015 Plan of Action

2015: Measuring Opportunities

April 16, 2015

Plan of action

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Dear Supporter,

On behalf of every impoverished farmer whose life you have changed by planting trees, we sincerely thank you. I am pleased to now be better able to tell you how you’ve impacted each and every person, down to the number of trees in every forest garden and how they are improving each family’s livelihood.

2014 was a transitional year for our organization. I am particularly proud that for the TREES Plan of Action 2015, appropriately titled “Measuring Opportunities,” we invested in the ability to report in detail on the impacts your support is making possible. We’ve seen that revitalizing degraded lands can lead directly to long-term increases in people’s opportunities well into the future.

This publication also includes our 2014 Annual Review as well as our plans for 2015. As the world celebrated this past New Year’s Eve, the team at Trees for the Future celebrated our increasing efficiency, having planted more trees in 2014 than any year before — and also having significantly lowered our overhead.

I am looking forward to discovering in 2015’s field data not only more stories, but deeper insights. I am confident that in 2015, with your invaluable support, we can scale our model to touch more and more people.

In peace and friendship,

John Leary
Executive Director, Trees for the Future